Political Discourse

I’ve been thinking a lot about the state of human rights in the United States.  I saw a picture of Ice Cube wearing an N.W.A shirt, and it got me to thinking how with all of the recent murders of black men from police, the message from groups like N.W.A (Fuck tha police!) is quite relevant today.  It seems there’s a new story weekly about how another black man is gunned down over a small crime, such as a broken tail light, and closet racists are making all sorts of excuses to blame the victim.  “He shouldn’t have ran” is not an excuse!  Police do not have the authority to gun down anyone they’re too lazy to chase.  Yes, Walter Scott had committed a crime by running from police.  This crime would carry a fine and possibly a little jail time, but the police officer decided his punishment was death.  This is not the choice of the police officer, and he should spend a very long time in jail.  My guess is he’s not going to be well liked in prison…

This violence against the citizens leads me to my next point about Ted Cruz’s recent comments about “armed insurrection” in the United States.  This really annoys me when elected officials use this type of rhetoric to rile the ultra-conservative crowd.  Yes, we all know you love your guns, and I wouldn’t give a shit about it if I didn’t find most of the ammosexuals so goddamn insane.  I believe them when they talk about how eager they are to use those guns, and Cruz’s comments only bring this type of mentality to the mainstream.  I can understand he only uses these words to gain support from these fanatics, but I think many of them take this seriously.  So here is my way of taking it seriously… people like Cruz are in the minority now.  Republicans have to steal elections by gerrymandering and flaws with the electoral college.  This is pretty much the only reason they are able to take control of the house and senate.  That being said, the people they are proposing this “armed insurrection” against are a vast amount of Americans.  The black community, hispanics, asians, lgbt community, and those of us angry white dudes who see people like Cruz for the demons they are.  We are in the majority… I don’t think such an “armed insurrection” could bring about the changes he is hoping for.  It would be more likely that we would be taking charge of the country.  (I’ll add that this is not a “Call to Arms!” or anything, I’m just pointing out the ridiculousness of this revolutionary mentality).

I hope that the exposure of these atrocities being committed can bring about changes in these communities.  I am not a black man, but I am a human, and it saddens me to see these families losing their children because of the racism still prevalent in our country.  We need to start seeing our elected officials standing up for these victims, and not using rhetoric aimed towards violence.

And one last thing… whoever invented the camera phone might need to be nominated for a Nobel peace prize.  If the footage of the murder of Walter Scott had never been taken, a murderer would be patrolling the streets of South Carolina.

I finally started a blog…

After much frustration and excessive political posts on facebook, I decided I need to just start a blog… and who knows who will read it?  And who knows who will get annoyed with my overuse of the ellipsis?

First off, a little background info on myself.  Currently I am a geology student at the University of Wyoming, and I’m at senior status, as I’m hoping to graduate May 2016.  My interests are mostly in science and politics, though I do like to talk about music I love, and music I despise.  I am also a single father to a wonderful 5 year old boy.  He is my life, and he’s one of my main motivators.  I would not be going this direction in my life without the influence of my son.

My hobbies include outdoorsy stuff (I’m not going to just say specifically hiking, everybody likes to go hiking, but why is when you go hiking no one else is hiking?), indoorsy stuff like video games, movies, reading and the like, and I am also kind of a gym enthusiast.  I love zombie/apocalyptic type movies and entertainment, and the books I read are mostly nonfiction, having to do with politics and science, though I am determined to eventually read my son every Harry Potter book.  I love to see him go off on adventures in his imagination, and he has a wonderful imagination at that…

I am a liberal atheist, nerdy gamer, science fanatic, determined single father, non-traditional college student, political junkie, beer-drinking, indie/punk music loving geek.  And I would say “bicyclist” but at the moment the extent of my cycling is riding back and forth from school… though I still like to race unaware vehicles, at least until they don’t see me and almost run me over.

Welcome to my blog.